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Labour Market

Situation and structure in European countries
Collective bargaining under pressure
The digital labour market


Possibilities and challenges
Protectionism costs jobs
When trade is unfair


Challenges of the current political tendencies
Is populism the new normal?
What is the soil populism grows on?

The 2017 French labour market reform

On 2 August the French parliament gave the government its OK to reform the labour code by decree. Votes: 225 for, 109 against.

The government wants to avoid a longer process in parliament, with possible watering out of proposals, which might be a risk with an regular legislative process. Through August there will be further negotiations with social partners and the plan is to have the new rules in place at the latest by 21 September.

The reform will change the French labour Market in several ways:

  • Changed rules on dismissals and compensation
  • Changed structure of the employees’ representation in the enterprise
  • Changed balance between collective bargaining levels and changed generalization rules
  • Outside the labour law proper: reduction in taxation, posting and precarious work


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